CRW SH-EDS3000AM OUTDOOR-NG utendørs PIR detektor


Wireless Double PIR and Anti-Masking Outdoor Detector

FW2-EDS3000AM is a unique two-way wireless outdoor double motion detector with active Anti-Masking feature. This device is designed to protect the outdoor areas of your property and triggers an alarm before an intruder breaks in.


  • Dual Quad Element Pyro sensor
  • IP55 rated
  • Coverage detection pattern of 90° adjustable within 180°
  • Heavy duty polycarbonate housing
  • Sealed electronics and optics
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • User selectable sensitivity levels
  • Superior filtering against sun and white light
  • Up to 55 kg Pet immunity
Category Alarm
Sub-category Shepherd
Brand Crow
Alarm Type Motion detection