PG2 TMD-560 Temperatursensor


PowerG Wireless Temperature Detector


TMD-560 PG2 temperature detector monitors ambient temperatures in the home and sends alerts to the control panel when extreme hot or cold is detected. Severe heat and cold can be dangerous to people with health problems, particularly the elderly or very young children. Additionally, extreme cold can cause the water in pipes to freeze, resulting in burst pipes and damage to the building or household contents.

Early warning of potentially dangerous temperatures enables homeowners to take action before they cause illness, or worse, and before freezing temperatures can damage building infrastructure and family possessions.


  • Detects extreme cold, freezer fault and extreme heat

  • Fully wireless and supervised detector transmits alarm and functionality alerts to the PowerMaster control panel, which notifies the user and/or the central station

  • Provides up to four selectable temperature alert points

  • Provides visual notifications when alarm is triggered

  • Additional probe allows monitoring of refrigerator, freezer and outdoor temperatures

  • PowerG two-way Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum FHSS-TDMA technology - provides robustness and reliability closer than ever to wired

  • Large transmission range enabling repeater-free installations 

  • Battery life up to 7 years with typical use

  • Visible link quality indication shown on the device

  • Visible and transmitted low battery indication

  • Wall or ceiling mount

  • Font and back tamper

  • Compatible with PowerMaster systems and PowerG receivers

Category Alarm
Sub-category PowerMaster
Brand Visonic
Alarm Type Temperature

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