CRW SH-CRT-8F Shepherd gardindetektor Mod. 1


Curtain Wireless PIR Detector


SH-CRT is a wireless detector featuring a solid curtain coverage of up to 8m length by 3m height. It may be used for perimeter protection by setting up detection “curtains” walls or windows. SH-CRT can be configured Over-The-Air.
  • GFSK with 5 frequencies & LBT
  • Ultra Low current consumption
  • Powered by a 3V Type CR123A Lithium battery
  • Motion Detection up to 12 meters
  • Battery life up to 5 years
  • APS Mode feature
  • Immunity to attenuation feature
  • Operating Frequencies: 868MHz / 916MHz
  • Event Transmission:
  • Alarm
  • Tamper Open/Close
  • Supervision
  • Battery status
  • Bi-Color LED indications
  • Up to 500m transmission range in open space
  • Remotely configurable 
Category Alarm
Sub-category Shepherd
Brand Crow
Alarm Type Motion detection