CRW FW2-SMK-NG Optisk Brann (rund) v08


Wireless Smoke Detector


Crow’s Smoke detector is built with an advanced optical sensing photoelectric chamber and offer more than 10 years of battery life. FW2-SMK is cutting edge in fire safety. It sound an on-board siren, communicate through apps, and deliver alerts to your phone or other mobile device if an alarm occurs.


  • Photoelectric optical smoke chamber
  • Freewave2™ two-way ISM
  • GFSK with 5 frequencies & LBT
  • Low current Technology
  • Powered by a pack of 2 Lithium batteries 1.5V (Energizer L91)
  • Battery life: ≥ 10 years
  • Audible Warning by a built-in horn beeps once test mode, battery low or Alarm
  • Frequencies Bands: 868 MHz or 916MHz
  • Tamper Open/Close transmission.
  • Keep Alive transmission
  • Battery status transmission
  • Bi-Color LED indications for monitoring & Pairing
  • Range up to 500m open space
Category Alarm
Sub-category Shepherd
Brand Crow
Alarm Type Smoke detection

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