Björnax Rökpenna, 3 vekar


Rökpenna från BJÖRNAX AB

Smoke Pen from BJÖRNAX AB is truly an innovation for air balance professionals and anyone that needs just the right amount of test smoke when and where it is needed.


The Smoke Pen works like a mechanical pencil. A patented smoke-emitting wick is inserted into the convenient to use pen, adjust the wick to provide 10mm or 3/8" of exposed wick, light the wick with a match or lighter.

The Smoke Pen will provide a continous trail of smoke. The Smoke Pen can then be easily extinguished by simply replacing the protective cover. The Smoke Pen can now be stored and re-used for next test.

This non-toxic, cool burning emitter is ideal for air balancing, verifying ventilation, testing smoke alarms, tests for negative or psiitive pressure and the list goes on.

Category Tools
Sub-category Smokepen
Brand Björnax
Alarm Type Accessory