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FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/CO) Jeweller

Against invisible threats

FireProtect 2 is a next-gen detector designed for residential fire safety. Two thermistors quickly react to the synthetic materials burning, and the carbon monoxide sensor alarms before the concentration level become threatening. Thought-out design, mounting, and in-app settings make installation straightforward and quick. Everything meets the most modern fire safety standards

Dangerous temperature detection

Sensitive element

according to the requirements for Class A1R heat detectors
Requirements of EN 54-5 and BS 5446-2 standards.

High temperature alarm

at temperatures above 64°C

Temperature spike alarm

when the temperature rises more than 10°C in 1 minute or less

Carbon monoxide (CO) detection

Sensitive element

chemical CO sensor

Alarm if accumulated dose of CO is exceeded

more than 50 ppm (0.005%) — no more than in 90 minutes
more than 100 ppm (0.01%) — no more than in 40 minutes
more than 300 ppm (0.03%) — no more than in 3 minutes
CO concentration of 400 ppm (0.04%) within 3 hours can be life-threatening. The detector stops notifying about the dangerous level of carbon monoxide when the concentration drops to 50 ppm (0.005%) within one minute.

Sensor life

10 years
After 10 years of operation, the detector must be replaced with a new one.

Power supply

For FireProtect 2 RB (Heat/CO)

2 × CR123A battery
Up to 7 years of battery life.
Category Alarm
Sub-category Ajax
Brand Ajax
Alarm Type Smoke detection