Ajax FireProtect 2 RB (Heat) white

FireProtect 2 RB (Heat) Jeweller

FireProtect 2 (Heat) Jeweller is a wireless fire detector with a built-in siren. Designed for indoor installation. Detects temperature rise. The detector also can work without a hub.

Dangerous temperature detection

Sensitive element

according to the requirements for Class A1R heat detectors
Requirements of EN 54-5 and BS 5446-2 standards.

High temperature alarm

at temperatures above 64°C

Temperature spike alarm

when the temperature rises more than 10°C in 1 minute or less

In-built siren

volume 85 dB at a distance of 3 meters
Sound notification of alarms. Active until the reason for triggering is eliminated or until the user disables notification.


Dimensions - 44 × 86 × 86 mm

Weight - 146 g

Operating temperature range - from 0°С to +50°С

Operating humidity - up to 80%

Protection class - IP20

Power supply

For FireProtect 2 RB (Heat)

2 × CR123A battery
Up to 7 years of battery life.
Category Alarm
Sub-category Ajax
Brand Ajax
Alarm Type Smoke detection