Dahua NKB1000 tangentbord med PTZ styrning


Network Keyboard & Control Keyboard & Dome keyboard  


Keyboard to Control

  • Dahua High Speed Dome (all models)
  • Dahua Standalone DVR (KBD1000 & NKB1000 only)
  • Dahua Network High Speed Dome (NKB1000 only)
  • Network Video Server (NKB1000 only) Connection
  • NKB1000: RS485, RS422, USB, RS232 & Network
  • KBD1000: RS485, RS422, USB & RS232
  • KB1000 : RS485, RS422 & USB (RS422 reserved for all models) Functions
  • Three Dimensional Joystick Control of PTZ Functions
  • Preset Position, Auto Scan, Auto Pan, Auto Tour & Pattern Auxiliary Functions
  • On-Screen Menu & User Operation Procedure Tips
  • Connect to SmartPSS or DSS platform via USB (NKB1000 only)