PG2 PGM-5 Kit utganger Comp/PM-10/30/33


PGM-5 Card

PGM-5 is a relay card that fits PowerMax Express, Complete and PRO. PGM-5 also fits PowerMaster -10 and -30.
This can be used to manage the smart homes and EIB solutions. Or just separate events on an external caller / other alarm center.

There are 5 outputs with potential-free output (NC / NO) or transistor output that gives minus voltage (0V)

Exit 1: Burglary / sabotage
Exit 2: Panic
Exit 3: Fire
Output 4: / disconnection
Output 5: General fault / battery / AC fault


Category Alarm
Sub-category PowerMaster
Brand Visonic
Alarm Type Accessory

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