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Danalock V3 BTZE Silver Scandi

Varenummer: 9790372

Danalock V3 BTZE Silver Scandi

Smart Lock - (Scandi cylinder), Bluetooth - Z-Wave - Zigbee  

Intriguing Danish Design
With its simple Danish design and advanced encryption algorithm, the Danalock V3 offers a secure yet elegant door locking experience. Anodized aluminum ensures not only a scratch-free surface but also a unique finish. The small form factor provides a sleek, futuristic look.

Automatic Unlock
No need to put your groceries down, Danalock V3 detects your arrival and unlocks the door for you.
Flexible Access Control
Grant access to other users or bridge your Danalock V3, so you can lock, unlock and monitor it from anywhere.

Compatible with Any Standard Door
With its country specific adapters, the Danalock V3 is globally compatible. It fits the three most common types of cylinders: oval lock Scandi cylinders, drop-shaped Euro cylinders and US deadbolt locks.

Strong Security
The Danalock V3 uses an advanced encryption method for transferring data (AES 256), which is the same encryption technology used by governments and military to keep information secure. The communication between the smart lock and the smartphone is protected by the advanced security protocol TLS 1.2. The digital keys that authenticate the Danalock V3 are stored in a HSM chip that ensures that all keys are exchanged without any private information leaving the chip.
The Smart Home Enabler
Let the Danalock V3 be the trigger of your smart home commands when entering or leaving your home.
Danalock V3
Product Specifications

• Product dimensions                   2 1/2" x 2 5/6"  

• Communication                          Bluetooth 4.2, Z-Wave, Zigbee

• Weight (ex. batteries)                 4.6 ounces / 130 grams

• Encryption level                           256bit AES

• Batteries                                       4 CR123A batteries        

• Average battery life                     1.5 years of battery life

• Material                                        Anodized Aluminium / ABS       

• Finish                                            Anodized Aluminium

• Color                                             Silver

Home Automation Protocols
The Danalock V3 comes with Bluetooth® by default and in versions that support the major smart home platforms and gateway systems: Apple HomeKit,, Z-Wave Plus and Zigbee.



Image Sensor: N/A
Effective Pixels: N/A
Scanning System: N/A